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From Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

This calculator helps you determine whether or not you can qualify for a home mortgage based on income and expenses.

If your down payment is less than 20%, you will need to pass a “stress test” to qualify for a mortgage loan at a bank. You will need to prove you can afford payments at a higher interest rate than the actual rate in your mortgage contract.

To see if you qualify for a mortgage loan, the bank must use the higher interest rate of either:

Credit unions and other lenders that are not federally regulated do not need to use this mortgage stress test.

Property Information


Your Income and Anticipated Expenses


Congratulations! You will likely qualify for the mortgage amount required.

You will likely be approved for a mortgage amount of $200,000.00 since your GDS ratio (30.26 %) does not exceed 32.00 % and your TDS ratio (39.26 %) does not exceed 40.00 %.
Mortgage Required
Request Amount$200,000.00 ($250,000.00 - $50,000.00)
Mortgage Loan Insurance Premium$0.00 ($200,000.00 * 0.00 %)
Total Mortgage Amount Required$200,000.00

Read on below about GDS (Gross Debt Service) & TDS (Total Debt Service) ratio calculations to find out how your qualification for this mortgage was determined.

GDS Ratio Calculation
Mortgage Payment   $1,163.21/month
Heating Cost + $150.00/month
Property Taxes + $200.00/month
GDS Ratio Cost = $1,513.21/month
Gross Income ÷ $5,000.00/month
GDS Ratio = 30.26 %  Your GDS ratio is acceptable - it is under 32.00 %.
TDS Ratio Calculation
GDS Ratio Cost   $1,513.21/month
Credit Card / Line
of Credit Payments
+ $100.00/month
Car Payments + $350.00/month
Other Debt Payments + $0.00/month
TDS Ratio Cost = $1,963.21/month
Gross Income ÷ $5,000.00/month
TDS Ratio = 39.26 %  Your TDS ratio is acceptable - it is under 40.00 %.

Based on your GDS and TDS ratios, you could qualify for a mortgage with a maximum amount of $206,325.60, or a home with a maximum cost of $257,907.01 - assuming that your down payment would be the same percentage as what you entered in the calculator (20.00 %).

Moreover, based on values you entered a summary report can be produced. The report includes all your input values, the qualification results, payment schedule as well as a list of other things to consider before applying for a mortgage. You may print the report and bring it with you when you visit the mortgage lender.

We offer this mortgage calculator as a self-help tool for your use. This tool does not replace professional financial advice. We cannot guarantee that this calculator will apply or be accurate in your situation. For example, your mortgage lender may make its calculations in a different way. All calculations are examples only.
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