Complaint-handling process for: Interac

Step 1 - Contact Acquirer, Processor or Financial Institution Representative: If a merchant believes its Acquirer's/Processor's conduct may be contrary to any of the Merchant-Acquirer Policy Elements, they are to report the issue to their Acquirer/Processor representative. If you are a Debit Card owner, please contact the Financial Institution which issued your Debit Card.

Step 2 - Escalate within Acquirer, Processor or Financial Institution: If a resolution cannot be achieved through Step 1, you can escalate the issue within the Acquirer/Processor's organization or the Financial Institution which issue your Debit Card.

Step 3 - Report to Interac Association: If a resolution cannot be achieved through Step 2, you may submit a complaint to Interac Corp. using the On-line Complaint Submission Form:

Third-party complaint-handling process for this institution:


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