Complaint-handling process for: THE EXCHANGE

Member Cardholders
FICANEX Services does not have access to individual accounts associated with transactions performed on THE EXCHANGE network. To report any discrepancy with an ATM transaction processed to your account please contact your financial institution that issued your debit card immediately. This includes:
-          An error in deposit amount entered at the ATM
-          If the incorrect amount was dispensed
-          If your card is captured by the ATM
Member Financial Institutions
Step 1) If you have a complaint or concern please contact our support staff at:

Toll Free: 1-888-581-ATMS (2867)
Local: 604-455-0930
Step 2) If after Step One your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact The EXCHANGE Network General Manager at:

Direct: 604-455-0732
Step 3) If after Step Two your concern remains unresolved to your satisfaction, access will be provided to the Chair of FICANEX Board of Directors.
The current Chair’s direct contact details will be provided by FICANEX via the Network General Manager.

Third-party complaint-handling process for this institution:


​Not Available

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