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This page contains third party information.

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Consumer Price Index: Understanding inflation, how it’s measured and what it means for you!

Why is inflation important? How is inflation measured? Why does it feel like you’re always spending more for groceries, housing and other goods and services? This webinar will explain the importance of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canadians, exploring how Statistics Canada uses thousands of prices collected each month to measure overall consumer inflation. It will delve into how food and shelter prices are measured and help Canadians better understand the CPI and the role it plays in their financial lives.

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Topics: Budgeting and money management, General finance topics

Language(s): English

Fee: Free

Type: Website / webinar / podcast

Target audience: The general public

Knowledge level: Introductory

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Statistics Canada

Andrew Charles Barclay
(613) 404-1818

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