Self-Assessment Tool

Try this two-minute self-assessment. It will help you identify which modules will help you the most.


Income, expenses and budget

Do you have a household budget?

Do you know ways to cut back on your monthly expenses if necessary?


Do you check periodically if the accounts you have are the best ones for your current needs?
Do you know what to do if you have a dispute with your banking institution?


Have you set specific savings goals (e.g., retirement, home ownership, own or children’s education), and do you budget for them?
Do you have an emergency fund?


Do you read your insurance policy carefully before deciding if you will keep the policy?
Do you check that your insurance agent is registered or licensed before buying insurance?


Are you considering purchasing a home using a mortgage in the near future or renewing your mortgage?
Have you calculated the total costs of buying and maintaining a home before looking for a mortgage?

Credit and debt management

Do you know how much you owe and how much interest you pay on each credit card or loan you have?
Do you know what your debt ratio is and whether it is within recommended guidelines?
Do you know your rights and responsibilities when taking out a loan?


Do you know your investment risk profile?
Do you know how much you are paying in management and other fees on your investments?

Retirement and pensions

Do you know what sources of income you will have in your retirement and how much income you will receive from each one?
Do you know how to choose a financial professional who can help you plan your finances for retirement?

Income taxes

Do you know how to calculate your taxable income and any deductions and credits you are eligible for?
Do you use registered savings plans to defer or avoid paying tax on your savings and investments?

Financial planning

Do you know what a Financial Plan is?
Have you defined specific and detailed personal financial goals?

Fraud protection

Do you know the warning signs of a fraudulent offer or transaction?
Do you know ways to protect yourself from financial fraud?
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