3.3.1 Action plan worksheet

When you have written down some goals, estimate what they will cost. (You can check the costs and update your estimate later if you need to.)

For more information on savings goals and managing expenses, see the module on Income, expenses and budget.

Charts in this section are interactive, including math functions. The action plan is also a downloadable interactive PDF.

Review your savings goals. If you're paying high interest or fees on debts, paying down debts may have to be your first goal. You may have to cut back some goals to make sure you can afford the others. Check your most important goal in each section and focus on those. Add the next most important if you can afford the most important.


What's most important? The goal that will cause the most harm if you don't reach it. If you don't get that vacation trip, that would be disappointing. If you don't repair the roof, however, that would be costly and damaging.

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