12.1.1 Fraud awareness quiz

Try this short quiz to see how much you know about financial fraud, and where you need to know more.

How much do you know about fraud?

1. Fraud artists usually target people with little education. True or false? (required)
2. Legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes charge fees to deliver your prize. True or false? (required)
3. The top method used to solicit Canadian consumers for mass marketing fraud in 2009 was: (required)

4. If a telemarketer offers you a low-interest credit card, you must send money before your card is activated. True or false? (required)
5. If you receive an email from an organization asking that you verify your account information within 24 hours or your account will be frozen, the best thing to do is: (required)

6. In 2009, the total reported dollar loss by victims of identity theft in Canada was about: (required)

7. Most fraud is committed by strangers who get your personal financial information through illegal means. True or false? (required)
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